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One of the most disheartening aspects of dental practice is not being given the consent by patients to intervene with the appropriate treatment at the proper time.  Dental disease is for the most part chronic and progressive.  Therefore, delays in treatment all too often trade simple and predictable treatment options today for those with more expense and less benefit in the future  This is especially troubling in the senior population, as delayed dental treatment can be further compromised by declining general health.  For that reason, even the very same treatment pursued at a later date can often times have less favorable outcomes.  Potential benefits can be significantly reduced when undertaken in the same person who by then has developed complicating general health issues. 

Dental disease can have an acute impact on quality of life, affecting chewing, eating, speaking, and social interactions. Those negative effects have been well documented.   What is becoming more and more evident is the relationship between dental disease and other chronic illnesses that commonly affect mature individuals, such as cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and diabetic conditions.    With the decreases in nutritional status and psychological well being, and the increases in the overall “inflammatory load” associated with dental disease, it seems reasonable that these relationships would exist.  In no segment of society are health issues more critical than in the elderly, for it is in this population that deficits in quality of life are most devastating.  Younger people are more able to compensate and cope, while in the senior population health conditions are more likely to escalate paste their system’s ability to respond appropriately.  Untreated, dental disease can very easily contribute to the downturn in a senior’s general health.  an important part of our families and our communities.  Your contributions to our society are truly invaluable, and to be your best you need to have a healthy and pleasant smile.  With modern dental treatment it is within your reach.  Few investments offer as much value in terms of life quality enhancement.  It can be yours now and for years to come.  

If you are one of our family of patients, thank you for the opportunity you have given us to serve you and your family.  It has been a tremendous blessing to become acquainted with you. 

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